Our Values

yak wool our values

At The Yak Wool Company we aim to provide the best clothing and garments without compromise.  The best for you, the best for our craftswomen, and the best for the earth.  These principles guide our decisions regarding our handcrafted yak wool apparel.

We only offer clothing that was created with quality in mind, so that you can experience all that clothing can be.  Why use Yak Fibre? Well, yak wool is an extremely beneficial and high quality natural fibre.  To maintain this level of quality we handcraft the articles, giving the added benefit of being one of a kind.

Quality was not the only factor in our decision to sell handcrafted clothing, but also to preserve traditions and to pay the craftsmen well.  We chose our supplier The Rocking Yak as they provide sustainable employment to the Tibetan Craftswomen, preserving their traditional arts and paying steady income.  They are cared for using fair trade principles as they work on the material from yak to clothing.  Everything we carry is from fibre that has been hand collected and handknit, and many have been handspun by our artisans.

Last but not least we care for the earth as our home, as it would be foolish not to consider the effects on nature.  Once again yak wool rises above.  As a natural fibre, it has the benefits of being naturally produced and completely biodegradable.  As yak fibre, it has not been sheared, it has the quality benefits as described in Why Yak Fibre, and it has significantly reduced environmental harm when compared to cashmere, its closest alternative.  

Currently cashmere’s high demand coupled with its heavy-footed goats threatens to destroy the highland vegetation.  On the contrary, yaks have much lighter biological effect, and are already being herded in the highlands.  Yaks preserve the environment while providing high-quality fibre.

We keep labour in the hands of people, and material in the hands of nature.

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